Doctoral Dissertations


The University Library is responsible for archiving doctoral dissertations at the University of Basel and for their electronic publication on the edoc document server.

Doctoral dissertations are to be submitted in accordance with the stipulations of the respective faculties. Please contact the relevant Dean’s Office.

Doctoral dissertations are to be submitted at the following locations:

  • Faculties of Law, Medicine, Science, Theology, and Business and Economics:
    Submit to the Dean’s Office.

  • Faculties of Humanities and Psychology: Submit to the information counter in the catalog room of the main University Library (during opening hours) or by post to:

    Erwerbung Dissertationen
    Schönbeinstrasse 18-20
    CH-4056 Basel

Deposit copies

Printed copies of doctoral dissertations are subject to printing and binding specifications. These aim to ensure that dissertations can be stored and used for an unlimited time.

Deposit copies: Printing and binding specifications for doctoral dissertations

Electronic version

When you submit your printed doctoral dissertation, the Dean’s Office or the University Library will provide you with an account for submitting your electronic dissertation.

Electronic versions are mandatory in the Faculties of Law and Science.