Deposit Copies: Instructions for Authors

Printing and binding specifications for doctoral dissertations

The following printing and binding specifications apply in general to deposit copies of doctoral dissertations. Individual faculties may have their own additional requirements. Please take account of regulations issued by the Dean’s Office of your faculty.

  • Format: A4 or A5

  • Printed paper: Error-free printouts on archivable paper (DIN ISO 9706), single- or double-sided

  • Binding: Adhesive-bound with endpaper, pressboard cover (0.6 mm) and textile spine or adhesive-bound with endpaper and textile cover (with or without embossing)

    Important: Spiral and clamp bindings and other non-standard formats will not be accepted.

Binding can be performed only by a book bindery – the dinx shop cannot fulfill the requirements. Binding takes several days. To ensure that you meet the submission deadline, make sure to contact the book bindery in good time. To avoid uncertainty, provide them with a copy of the printing and binding specifications when placing your order (known as Vorschriften PDF-Datei in German). Samples can be checked by the relevant Dean’s Office.