6th Kuopio Conference - Programme

Wednesday 14 March 2018

12:30-13:30 Registration
13:30-14:00 Opening: Welcome
Elisabeth Frasnelli, Director, University Library Basel
Rudolf Mumenthaler, President, Association Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland
14:00-15:00/30 Keynotes
Setting the Scene
  1. "Thinking out of the box" – The British Library approach to storage
    Andy Appleyard, Head of Operations North, British Library
  2. The State of the Art in Archiving Print: Repositories for Print: strategies for access, preservation and democracy / edited by Pentti Vattulainen and Steve O’Connor
    Steve O'Connor, Pentti Vattulainen
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-17:00 Session 1 Storage Facilities 1
Storage Facilities as Service Providers
  1. "A sea change": Navigating an Evolving Global Information Supply Chain
    Bernard Reilly, President CRL
  2. GEPA, the Cooperative Repository in Catalonia CSUC
    Santi Balagué, Manager GEPA
  3. Storage fast forward : developments at a national library
    Hans Jansen, Director of International Relations, National Library of the Netherlands
Reception at the Botanical Garden of Basel University

Thursday 15 March 2018

09:00-10:00 Session 2 Storage Facilities 2
…and How Much Does it Cost? Business Models
  1. Savings and other advantages: the Finnish example
    Pentti Vattulainen, former Director National Repository Library, Finland
  2. Access, Environment, and Cost – how do you decide what’s right for your collections?
    Jeremy Suratt, Iron Mountain USA, Director Product Management, Library Services
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:30 Session 3 Shared Archiving 1
The Experience of Distributed Collaboration
  1. Shared Archiving Austria – SAA: Facing the Challenges of Archiving Without Additional Budget
    Wolfgang Mayer, Head of e-Resource Management, Vienna University Library
    Brigitte Kromp, Head of Consortia Management, Vienna University Library
  2. Herding Cats: Cooperative Print Archiving in Switzerland
    Rudolf Mumenthaler, Director, Central & University Library Lucerne
11:30-12:30 Session 4 Shared Archiving 2
The Experience of Distributed Collaboration, continued
  1. Think Global, Act Local: Dutch National Collection Management in the 21st Century
    Bert Zeeman, Deputy Director, Library, University of Amsterdam
  2. HathiTrust and Shared Print Agreements in North America
    Lizanne Payne, Shared Print Program Officer, Hathi Trust
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Session 5 Shared Archiving 3
From Journals to Monographs – a development perspective?
  1. UK Research Reserve, UKRR: Our Journey
    Daryl Yang, UKRR Manager
  2. Clustering of Catalogue Metadata for Evidence Based Decisions in Sharing, Preservation, and Retro-Digitization
    Rupert Schaab, Head of Subject Librarians, State and University Library, Göttingen
15:00-16:00 Session 6 Shared Archiving 4
Hard Labour: De-Duplication – is it worth it?
  1. De-Duplication – is it worth it? The National Repository Library Finland
    Johanna Vesterinen, Director National Repository Library Finland, Kuopio
  2. Speicherverbund Nord: a Regional Print Archiving Cooperative in Northern Germany
    Robert Zepf, Director, University Library Rostock
    Olaf Eigenbrodt, Main Team leader, User Services, State and University Library Hamburg
  3. Fluid collection and storage management at the University Library of Cologne
    Ralf Depping, Main Team leader research and publication services, University Library of Cologne
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:30 Session 7 Shared Archiving 5
A Matter of Ease and Pleasure? Users' Reaction
  1. Swiss Experiences with users using – and getting used to – shared archiving and the CSLS
    Christian Oesterheld, Director, Zentralbibliothek Zurich
  2. "Better is a neighbor that is near than a brother far off". The codex in the humanities.
    Maarten Hoenen, Prof. Basel University
17:30-18:00 Tentative Perspectives
Steve O'Connor
19:15 Conference Dinner at Ristaurante Borromeo

Friday 16 March 2018

08:30-09:45 Session 8
The Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland, CSLS
  1. The CSLS: a short overview of nearly everything…
    Mike Märki, CEO CSLS, Ulrich Niederer, former Director ZHB Lucerne / CSLS, Rolf Rasche, CEO ImageWare, Dani Tschirren, Deputy Director ZHB Lucerne
10:00-13:00 Transfer to and Visit of the Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland
Tours, coffee, light lunch
12:45-13:00 Closing remarks

Transfer back to Basel (and to Zurich Airport?)